What a whirlwind it’s been since we returned from Christmas break!  Here’s a look at what’s been happening…

One challenge for ALL~

  • The Wish-TV I Love To Read Challenge started on January 4th upon our return from Christmas break.  Students from Kindergarten all the way through 8th grade are participating this year with many incentives being offered to reach their goals.  In fact, if the school reaches the goal of 875,000 minutes, then I have promised to dye my hair PINK for a week.  Yes, you read that right: PINK.  So far, they are doing a fantastic job and should reach that goal…I guess I should start looking for some hair color!

Kindergarten through 4th grade~

  • For most of January, we have been doing NWEA testing in the Media Center and that means K-4 classes are a little different during that time.  Since the students cannot come to the Library to check out books or work on computers, the Library comes to them!  Mrs. Carlson has been doing library for grades K-4 in their classrooms, allowing them to check out books, and doing some library activities as well.  As we get back to a normal schedule of coming to Technology/Library class, all of K-4 will go back to regular library time with a short time in books/stories, and then students work on computers.  Kindergarten and 1st grade will work on skill-based games related to math and language.  Grades 2 through 4 will continue to work on typing lessons and skill games when time permits. (the site we use is http://www.typing.com)

Middle School and Junior High~

  • Grades 5 and 6 have continued to have normal classes when possible throughout the NWEA testing weeks.  We are continuing to practice keyboarding skills, focusing on using the correct fingers and we have started working more heavily with Google Apps for Education.  In the months to come, we will introduce lessons on digital citizenship and information literacy as well.
  • Junior High has been doing Digital Citizenship with Dr. Ho during testing weeks, looking at their digital footprint and learning about blogs.  In the coming months, we will do some interactive creative work to solidify the concepts of Creator’s Rights and Responsibilities.   And of course, don’t forget the keyboarding!