The first month of school is officially in the books!  It seems like a blur, but in fact we have accomplished a lot already in Library Media Class.  I am LOVING my new position as teacher in this area!   As your students can probably already tell by now, I believe they ALL belong in a good book; I also believe we all belong to the digital community as representatives of Christ in our world. Here is a peek at what we’ve done during our first month of school…

Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd Grades:  The Library focus for August was FICTION and all students were encouraged to be in a fiction story each week.  Our stories together have included stories about how God created the world, Caldecott Award winner Leo Lionni, and fiction stories of the Amazon Rainforest.  Students are learning and being reminded to use the 5 finger rule when choosing a book to make sure it is a good fit!  In Technology, we played alphabet and reading games on Starfall.  Students are learning to log themselves in on the school computers as well.

3rd & 4th Grades:  3rd Grade is enjoying an abridged version of The Wind in the Willows while 4th grade reads Flawed Dogs.  We are working on choosing books that are a good fit for each one of us, realizing everyone has different levels!  Students are encouraged to choose a book they will enjoy and finish, especially fiction novels.  In technology, we are working on keyboarding skills, emphasizing correct finger use and placement.

5th and 6th Grades:  While I’ve only been able to see the 5th grade a few times,  we are reading Lawn Boy together and looking for age appropriate novels to read independently.  6th grade has been reading The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle to get familiar with journal-style writing as they prepare for a narrative write in class.  6th grade has also created a “TBR” list (To Be Read list) and I have given a few book talks to help students get ideas.  In addition to this, both grade levels have begun working on typing lessons and keyboarding skills.  Last week, 6th grade learned to log in to Google Chrome and start creating and sharing Google docs!  5th grade will learn begin Google Apps for Education in the coming month.

7th and 8th Grades:  Digital Citizenship class has been busy getting Chromebook distributed and learning the basics of how to use this device as well as learning Google Apps for Education. Both grade levels have created a Google doc for their TBR Lists (To Be Read lists).  Each week I will do a few book talks to help the students always have ideas for what to read next.  It is important that they have an independent read on hand!  All Junior High students are also practicing typing skills each week in class, focusing on correct finger placement and touch typing.