Really enjoyed this novel. The characters are memorable, creeping back into my thoughts on a regular basis. If only we all had the courage to be a Stargirl!

Nerdy Book Club


The students at Mica High School in the Arizona desert all seem to be cast from the same mold. For the most part, they dress the same, talk the same, and like and dislike the same things. Nobody really stands out. Then a new girl arrives, wearing wacky clothes, carrying a pet rat on her shoulder, and strumming a ukulele during lunch. As if that’s not weird enough, she calls herself “Stargirl” and seems to have no inhibitions.

At first, the students at Mica High don’t know what to make of Stargirl, but soon she begins to win them over, inciting a revolution of individuality the school has never seen before. But the good times don’t last. When Stargirl, who is nice to everyone, aims her kindness at Mica’s biggest rival, the students turn on her, and nothing Stargirl does can bring them back, not even acting “normal.”


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