This is a great review of one of the books donated to our school by First Lady Karen Pence! Hope some of you were able to read it over the summer!

Nerdy Book Club

george's secret key to the universeIf you love Doctor Who, then you’ll definitely love this book. This book is all about space and the universe. It starts off as a pretty normal book but soon turns into a place of mystery, danger and a whole new world. I simply picked this book from a random shelf in the library and sat down to enjoy it.

George’s journey to the universe begins in his neighbour’s house where he meets Eric and Annie.  Soon he knows all about the computer, Cosmos, which creates a portal to space. However, soon things get out of hand when he says something about Cosmos in front of his teacher Greeper. Greeper gets very suspicious of George and his Cosmos story. So Greeper hatches a plan. I’m going to let you read the book to find out what happens with the plan and the bullies – Ringo and his friends.

And things…

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