Adding this to my list! Middle schoolers, read on….

Nerdy Book Club

the honest truth“Okay everyone, time to put those bookmarks back in and take a look up here. I’m thrilled to say that I have a new favorite book to share with you all, and you’re the first class to hear about it.” Faces turn to look at each other with their eyes bugging out. I can hear the wheels turning. She’s calling it a favorite? It must be good! Eager faces wait patiently to hear what comes next.

I sit down on my stool and begin slowly. “In so many ways, Mark is a typical boy. He loves adventure, his sweet, loyal dog Beau, his best friend Jessie, and writing haikus in his notebook. When Dan Gemeinhart’s debut novel The Honest Truth opens up, Mark is buying a bus ticket so he can go climb Mount Rainier. If you know anything about this mountain, you probably know that it’s the tallest…

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