This sounds wonderful! Great for k-2 readers!

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a castle full of cats “Once there was a queen who kept a castle full of cats.  She loved the pretty ones and the plain ones, the sweet ones and the brats.”  Thus begins the story of an 18th century king and queen who live in an opulent castle filled with all the lavish things a royal family could desire.  They have servants, extravagant clothing, and rare paintings and artifacts.  Indeed, they are what a young reader may expect stereotypical royalty to look like.  However, there is one important detail that makes this king and queen unique; their castle is filled with pampered cats!

The queen has allowed these indulged felines to have full run of the castle.  They eat their meals at the dining room table off of the finest china, they stretch lazily on the royal furniture, and they climb on the silken tapestries.  The queen loves her cats and is more…

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