I’ve read many books throughout the thirteen years that I’ve been alive. Some of the books have been terribly boring, and others have been amazingly great.  I have chosen the top five books that I have read, and here they are:

1. Unbroken By Laura Hillenbrand

unbrokenUnbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand is my favorite book ever. It is very deep, and very inspiring. I love all the adventures, and how it is incredibly written. It changed my thoughts about life, and how to live. I never knew a book could have such an impact on my life.

2. Robin Hood By Roger Lancelyn Green

robin hoodRobin Hood, by Roger Lancelyn Green is the most adventurous book I’ve ever read. I love how Robin Hood is always looking for something to do, that might get him killed for doing it. He is even very is humorous, and i like a book with a little humor in it.

3. Game Changers By Mike Lupica

game changersGame Changers, by Mike Lupica is a book that stuck out to me because it was just the perfect fit. It’s about five or six twelve year boys, hanging out, having fun, and most importantly playing baseball. Hopefully one day I can get back to reading it.


4. Rangers Apprentice By John Flanagan

rangers 1Rangers Apprentice BY John Flanagan is a very action-packed book, with very exciting scenes. The exciting scenes go from attacking wild boars, to burning bridges. There are also very many antagonists in this book, which makes it even more exciting.


5. Percy Jackson and The Olympians By Rick Riordan

The_Lightning_Thief-1Percy Jackson And The Olympians by Rick Riordan is a book about Greek gods… actually their children. The children go on crazy and wild adventures. I really enjoy it because it’s a more modern story about Greek gods. I think the old Greek gods are boring, and noneducational, but this books makes them more interesting.