Hobbit_coverReview of The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

Reviewed by Colin

Do you think an adventure with slaying dragons, giant spiders, and gruesome goblins could start in a peaceful place where a peaceful hobbit lives?  Well it can.  In The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit. Hobbits are very short (compared to humans) and prefer comfort to excitement (must be boring to plan parties for them). One day Bilbo meets Gandalf the Great who is a wizard. Gandalf is looking for people to go on an adventure. Bilbo being a hobbit says no, but Gandalf see potential in him and puts a mark on his door. The next day Gandalf and 13 dwarves come to his house. Thorin the dwarves leader is the son of Tharin who was the king of The Lonely Mountain. Thorin and the other dwarves wants to reclaim the mountain because Smaug who is a dragon, killed most everybody living there and claimed the mountain for his own. Thorin asked Gandalf to find another person to go on their adventure with because Gandalf would not go all of the way and they did not want to have an unlucky amount of people. Gandalf choose Bilbo and somehow convinces him to go with them the following day.

After traveling for a while they take refuge in The Misty Mountains. They think they are safe, but then they are all captured by goblins except Gandalf. The Great Goblin almost kills Thorin but then Gandalf blinds the Goblins, kills The Great Goblin, and leads Bilbo and the dwarves away from the goblins and run away, but the goblins are hot in pursuit. Bilbo accidentally gets nocked out and left behind, and when he wakes up he is lost in the goblin caves. He finds a ring on the floor and puts it in his pocket unaware of the power it has. Bilbo then meets Gollum. Gollum is like a hobbit, but he has skin like a fish and is cruel and evil. Gollum challenges Bilbo to a riddle contest and says if he wins he eats Bilbo, but if Bilbo wins he will show him the way out. Bilbo wins but Gollum still tries to eat him. Bilbo puts on the ring and runs away, but then he realizes the ring makes him invisible. Gollum goes to the exit thinking Bilbo actually knew where it was and Bilbo follows. Bilbo escapes and meets up with Gandalf and the dwarves. Later they are surrounded by goblins, and wargs (evil wolves that are friends with goblins) they think all hope is lost but then they are saved by the Lord  of the Eagles. He gives them food and sends them back on their way. Then they go to the entrance of Mirkwood which is a big dark gloomy forest full of danger. They are mournful because Gandalf is leaving them. Will they be able to pass Mirkwood, kill Smaug, and reclaim the mountain or will they crumble?

he Hobbit was the best book I ever read. Tolkien is truly a master at writing. One of my favorite things about the book is all of the symbolism. Some examples are Gandalf being like Jesus, and elves being like angels, and goblins being like demons. Another great thing is all of the description and word choice. Tolkien chooses just the right words for all of his sentences, and when he describes things he adds so much detail. Even though there some slow parts in The Hobbit there is tons of action. I enjoy how the action in the book is like butter on bread it is spread out, not in one place. I think everyone ages 10 and up should read this novel. I got more out of this book than I did in any other book. The Hobbit is by far the best piece of literature I have ever read.