REVIEW OF: Hitler’s Secret, by William Osborne


What do we really know about Hitler? Most people only know the basics; that he tortured and killed Jews and had hopes to take over the world, but what do we know about him personally? For all we know, Hitler may have had a family or a child…

HitlersSecretOne boy and one girl were each chosen to perform a mission, an almost impossible mission; they knew nothing about each other, they didn’t even know their real names; Otto and Leni is what they were to call each other.  After only two weeks together, the courageous teenagers are sent off to Germany to collect a “package.” This “package” that they are sent to receive is not an item, it is a child. Angelika is her name; she is a cheerful child with one wish: to get out.  Angelika is being kept in with nuns in a convent and to her, there is nothing in the world that she would want more than to be free and see the world.  So when Otto and Leni arrive, Angelika is more than willing to come with them, especially when they tell her that they are getting her out of there. The mission seems to be going successfully, until the teenagers learn how much Angelika means to Germany; it almost seems as though Adolf Hitler himself has a connection to her. It seems as though Germany itself doesn’t want Angelika to leave. Though these audacious kids must face many trials, hope is on the horizon, but time is running out and safety is almost out of their grasp.

Hitler’s Secret is a definite reread. I loved the suspense, the figurative language, the character development, and almost every other aspect about the novel. At the end of every chapter you are left wondering, what will happen next? The novel takes such a different twist as to what Hitler may have been like, or what secrets he may have kept from the world. Each and every character was developed into a completely new person by the end of the book; characters you may have not liked in the beginning become your favorite and characters you may have thought you liked, you ended up hating by the end of the novel. Hitler’s Secret, by William Osborne, is no doubt a must-read.

In my opinion, this novel is not the best suited to younger readers, I feel that maybe 5th grade and up would be the perfect age for it. The novel contains some of the violence of WWII and I feel that the topic of the Holocaust is a very heavy topic, and most young readers should focus on lighter and more happy novels, rather than the horrors of war. Hitler’s Secret is a truly wonder filled and thrilling novel, but only for a certain age. I have no doubt that if (sorry, I mean when) you read this novel, you will be enticed and trapped within each page for the writing brings fear, suspense, and many more emotions out for you.