Review of: The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien

Reviewed by: Jake

“Third time pays well.”  One day there was a hobbit who enjoyed doing the expected, but did something completely unexpected. Let me explain; one day a little fellow with hairy feet, Tookish blood, and a highly respectable reputation named Bilbo Baggins was asked to do the unpredictable. You see, a dwarf by the name of Thorin, his company of 12, and a wizard named Gandalf came to Bilbo’s hobbit hole. Once the dwarfs and the wizard came in, they got right to business. Bilbo overheard their commotion about treasure. Then the “Took” in him woke up, which means that his adventurous spirit woke up like his ancestor, Bullroarer Took. One month later, Bilbo was on a journey to a mountain that once belonged to Thorin’s ancestors, but fell into the claws of a treacherous creature. Bilbo had to do many, many daring things to stay alive and venture on to the mountain. For example, he had to escape the household of Gollum, battle gigantic spiders, escape and elven prison, and kill goblins, trolls and wargs.. After many obstacles, he and the dwarfs (Gandlaf had left them) arrived at the mountain where they met Smaug. Fortunately, Smaug left, but they weren’t safe, not yet.

The Hobbit was … I can’t describe how brilliant it was. J.R.R. Tolkien described the creatures so well, yet it didn’t take four pages do to it; I could vividly see wargs in my mind due to the description.  The story also showed symbolism in so many ways; the story shows the spiritual battles that go on every day through their battles with trolls, goblins, and spiders. I marveled how the author shows Bilbo slowly conquering his mountain of fear and learning to have courage and never give up even if he is struggling. This book was superb, wonderful, and… you know, if I made a list of all the adjectives describing this book, you’d be sitting here on the computer reading this review for a couple of centuries, so I’ll just end this paragraph by saying: it is stupendous!

The Hobbit blew my mind (well, if it did this review wouldn’t exist and I would be in the hospital) and I recommend it with 100% of my heart.  Unfortunately, some scenes are gruesome, so I think this book should be read by people at the age of 10 or older. This book pushed the limits of awesomeness to an entirely different level.