unbrokenReview of: Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

Reviewed by: Lucas

Louie Zamperini will survive! He lived through WWII, prison, and forty-seven days on a raft. Louie’s story in Unbroken by Laura Hillenband started as a evil, little boy with “black hair as coarse as barbed wire.” When he found the key to the school gym is when he really start his race to fame. Louie found the key to the school gym, so he sneaked people into a basketball game. As Louie’s punishment, he had to join track; the punishment was his brother Pete’s idea. That was the starting pistol to running his way to the Olympics, but although he made it, he did not get gold. The next year the Olympics were cancelled due to the beginning of World War II, so Louie joined the army as a bombardier. After surviving a deadly mission and being bombed, he was sent on a rescue mission in an unsafe plane. Then one of the engines went out! They were going to crash! Out of nine men, only three lived through the crash. Louie, Phil, and Mac climbed onto a raft with little supplies, surviving longer than anyone else on a raft who lived to tell their tale. They were found by the Japanese who moved Louie from one prison to the next. Louie met an evil prison gourd called the Bird, who was a bird of prey. The Bird attacked Louie continuously until the war was over! But it wasn’t until he got home did he start to break! He thought God was using Louie as His toy until he was dragged to church by his wife. That night, Louie stopped drinking and having flashbacks and nightmares. He devoted his life to Christ and helped others.

Unbroken was the best biography I have ever read. It was full of action, but the author knew when to take a break. I liked how it was divided into four different parts: the Olympics, the raft, prison, and after he went home. Laura Hillenbrand did a fine job describing the setting, she made the raft feel dead. This was not like a textbook, it was a story

I think 6th graders and up should read this book because it was an astounding novel. Along with some terrible language, there were some intense parts and descriptions. If you are a 6th grader or older and haven’t read it, you should read it.