Review of: The Kill Order, by James Dashner

Reviewed by: Nicole

The world hasn’t faced a worse natural disaster than The Sun Flares since James Dashner brought them to life in The Kill Order.  Mark, a curious teen who lived in what used to be New York City, witnessed The Sun Flares as they rained down upon the U.S. After teaming up with two former soldiers to escape the natural disaster, Mark and Trina, his friend since he was little, have to live out west where the Sun Flares weren’t as severe. Mark could not imagine that his life could get any more interesting until huge, modern planes called burgs crossed the sky above his group. The burgs hopped over the tiny settlement that some survivors had made along with Mark’s team. All of the settlers were curious, but the burgs had not come there to play around. The planes started shooting out darts that littered the Earth and the people. The survivors began dropping to the ground as soon as a dart pricked their worn out body. Mark and his friends scrambled to reach safety, but not soon enough; some of Mark’s friends were hit. One of the former soldiers, Alec, and Mark tried to track down the monstrous planes, but all they managed to do was crash it. After returning to the settlement, Alec and Mark witnessed the aftermath of the darts. Everyone who was hit by a deadly dart contracted a disease that ate away at their brain and killed them.  The brave teen realized that they had to uncover why anyone would wipe out part of the population that was left.

On their journey, they met a small girl that was abandoned in a near by village, but one thing was different about her: she was hit by a dart, but wasn’t sick or going crazy.  Everything got stranger and more mysterious as they kept going on their mission. The team ran into insane villagers who believed that Deedee, the immune little girl,  was the source of The Sun Flares. After much fighting, Lana, the other former soldier, Trina, and Deedee were taken. Mark and Alec have to track the girls down and find the resolution to the mysterious disease and why someone unleash that upon the U.S. Can they do it or will they lose their sanity just like the others who caught the deadly disease and slowly die?

I could not put The Kill Order down. There was so much mystery as to what some people were plotting and what the disease was. I enjoyed the action that was in the novel. Mark and his friends were constantly running from danger which made me keep reading. James Dashner also did an incredible job describing the insane villagers, so I felt like I was transported into the book. I enjoyed reading about the bond that Mark and Alec shared. I love reading about the bond getting stronger and stronger. What I admire about this story is that almost every chapter ends with a mini cliff hanger, so it literally forces you to keep reading. I enjoyed reading this amazing book and look forward to the last one in the series.

I recommend The Kill Order for kids in middle school. This novel is a little violent at times, so it wouldn’t be good for young children to read. You will come to admire it just like I have. This novel is perfect for boys and girls because James Dashner wrote the story so that anyone can fall in love with it. There is maybe one or two bad words and a little romance, but overall it was very enjoyable. I loved this story and all kids in middle school should give The Maze Runner series a chance.