Summer is finally knocking at our doorsteps!  The sun has peeked through those aggravating clouds and my classmates and I are jumping up and down in our seats to get outside and play.  Over previous summers, I have had trouble choosing what to read.  To save myself the trouble, this year I have made a summer reading list.

  • half brotherHalf Brother, by Kenneth Oppel.  I love how the author describes this book.  She tells about a boy who meets a chimp “science experiment.”  This boy then takes this  “science experiment” and turns him into a loved and protected brother.
  • lost in the berrensLost in the Barrens, by Farely Mowat.  This book looks to be packed full of adventure.  Two boys, lost in the Arctic, must learn to survive with nothing.  They face off with a terrifying bear, frigid temperatures and the ominous cloud of death.
  • Treasure-Island Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson. This book is listed under an adventure genre which immediately draws me in.  It features dirty pirates, unforgettable journeys, and looming challenges.
  • false prince seriesThe Ascendance Trilogy, by Jennifer Nelson.  This three book series looks marvelous!  It gives you a look into our past and describes treacherous schemes.