wonderREVIEW OF: Wonder

By: Erica

“Here’s what I think: the only reason I’m not ordinary is that no one sees me that way.” August Pullman, from the novel Wonder, by R.J. Palacio, is not your typical ten year-old. He has a syndrome that one in four million babies get, causing a facial deformity. The doctors believed that the child wouldn’t live to see the morning after he was born into our judgmental  world. When the suggestion occurred that he attend Beecher Prep, a local middle school, his immediate answer was “no way.” After being home-schooled his whole life, a chaotic middle school seemed alarmingly grim. Somehow, he found himself walking up to the school, like a lamb to the slaughter. There he faces cruel bullies, shocked students, and snobby cliques. Teachers, parents, siblings, and anyone who passes him seems to stare. The school  appears to be a maze, offering new obstacles by the second. Middle school is tough enough to begin with, but for a person like Auggie, it is extremely difficult. It seems that now your appearances matter more than ever to fit in. Auggie knows that he can’t change the way his face appears, but the taunting and criticism is dreadful. Still, Auggie is determined to prove that what’s on the inside over powers the external features. He is most of all determined to survive middle school.

I was filled with wonder after reading this ; I saw beauty in August Pullman’s attitude and personality. He was able to joke about his flaws, and he could endure the dirty looks and shocked stares that people sent him. He really sets an amazing example for kids everywhere. Throughout the novel, you enter the perspective of several characters, and it’s really fascinating to hear about their ideas about Auggie. Because the author did this, you get a clearer picture who they are. I felt as if I knew the characters’ personality, and I also began to understand their motives. The students at Beecher Prep begin to accept August, best of all, I saw this amazing kid begin to accept himself. It was so beautiful and moving to see that. Wonder is an incredible novel, and it is seriously one of my all time favorite books ever.

Readers who enjoy realistic fiction would appreciate Wonder as much as I did. I would say that anyone ten or older could read this. The older you are, the more you get out of the book. I can’t even describe how much meaning was put into the story,  I believe many others will love it as much as I did.