Review of Kidnapped

by Jake

kidnapped“The sword in his hands flashed like quicksilver into the huddle of fleeting enemies”.  In Kidnapped by Robert Stevenson, there is a young and perceptive man at the age of fifteen in Europe named Davie. He wears a buttoned shirt and khakis. He desires to just have a normal life playing games and being with family. He desperately wishes for a family and close friends. Instead, his loving parents are dead from an awful sickness. His parent’s death made him have to go the House of Shaws to live with his uncle where he wasn’t raising the roof to be there.  He was kidnapped from his strange uncle, Ebenezer by notorious pirates which he had to live with for a few months of his insane life.  After his time on the horrible ship he gets shipwrecked on a rocky island and is now anxiously living with a  suspicious individual who is accused of murder. He must cleverly dodge obstacles and NOT TRUST ANYONE!

This book is excellent; it was like a sack of candy for my brain.  It contained a lotand I mean a lot, of exciting action. Davie fights on a ship with three pistols and a large sack of bullets that was as heavy as a cinder block.  One time David expertly shot an attacking pirate in the back when he was jumping off the look out post. I didn’t enjoy how Davie talked about his cruel suffering while being unluckily shipwrecked on a tiny island, but it did show that you should never give up even in times of hardship. The author’s writing was perfect for his pain because he used a very gloomy and dark voice. He demonstrated this by his word choices which included, “gloomy”, “moaned”, and many other dark words.  Davie’s amazing story teaches perseverance. My all-time favorite character from this book would have to be Davie because he is as solid as a boulder.Kidnapped is a long, yet incredible read.

I would recommend Kiddnapped to people who love action packed novels.  As a matter of fact I already have.   Unfortunately, it includes of a boatload of violence and some cursing, so I think kids that are either eleven or older should be allowed to read this incredible novel. This book is marvelous, and I highly encourage you to read it.