Review of:Boys in the Boat

Reviewed by:Will

The biography The Boys In the Boat by Daniel James Brown is a marvelous book about the struggles a young boy must undergo to regain the trust that was ferociously snatched from him at an early age. This youthful boy was named Joe Rantz.  Joe lost his first mother when he was only four and she was replaced by the selfish, spoiled, tyrant named Thula.  Thula convinced Joe’s father to abandon him, leaving him to fend for himself.  Joe then obscures his trust in others, locking it up in the dark dungeon of his mind, never to be released again.  However his faith in others begins to be restored when Joe finally makes it to Washington University where he joins the rowing crew.  After several years, with the consoling friendship of George Yoman Pocock, a rowing legend, Joe releases his secluded trust.  With this done, Joe and the one of a kind rowing crew embark on several hair-raising adventures and, eventually, face the toughest challenge of their lives.

This was a fantastic book!  Daniel James Brown, the author, does a phenomenal job at describing the trials that Joe goes through after he’s discarded by his own family.  Not only does Mr. Brown do a thorough job at developing the characters, his writing style is magnificent!  He will tell the story as normally as anybody else until he get to a new character.  He then takes a page or two to relay that person’s life story, giving you full recognition of what their capabilities are.

I would recommend this  book to ages twelve and above.  Although this is a breathtaking book, it is not jammed packed with action and younger readers may become discouraged.  Setting that aside, I would definitely recommend that you move Boys In the Boat by Daniel James Brown to the top of your summer reading list!