This is one of the books on my list for the summer. Several of my students recommended it, and now I’m sure I want to read it!

Nerdy Book Club

The SelectionIf you are a fan of The Bachelor, you will like The Selection – it has the same general idea of boy choosing one girl amongst many, but with political themes lingering in the background and, of course, a love triangle to make things even more difficult for the main character, America. Personally, I picked up the book because I read one of it’s spinoff novela’s The Queen as a quick read over a weekend and fell in love with Cass’s writing style. (To be honest, I only bought The Queen because I have a crown tattoo and thought the cover of the book was pretty.)

America Singer lives in a future version of the United States, where people are put into castes again and have been assigned numbers based on their jobs and how much their ancestors could give to the royals (who are ranked as 1s)…

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