Review of: Mr. Tucket

Reviewed by: Colin 

mr tucket

Have you ever been excited from a birthday present? Francis Tucket was a bit too excited with one particular birthday present. In Mr. Tucket by Gary Paulsen, Francis Tucket is heading west with his family to Oregon on a wagon train.  It is Francis’s birthday and he is surprised when he finds out his mother has made a cake for him: Francis thought there would be no presents because he thought he knew all the items in the wagon, but Francis was wrong and is amazed when his father gives him a rifle specially made for him.  Francis goes to try it out immediately.  Francis gets so engrossed in the rifle that he does not realize how far ahead the wagon train has gone, so he is very startled when Pawnee take his rifle and knock him out.  He awakes at the Pawnee camp where he is “owned” by the wife of one of the men who captured him.  He is treated like a dog, made fun of, and kicked by other boys.  Francis did things that were considered woman work such as gathering firewood.  One day Francis sees a white man with one arm waltz into the Indian camp, and soon learns  he is a man who trades with the Pawnees named Mr. Grimes. Then, that night, Francis is awakened by Mr. Grimes who tells him to take a horse and follow a path to where they would meet again. Francis sucssesfully escapes and sees Mr. Grimes the next day. Mr. Grimes asks what his name is and Francis replies with his full name. Mr. Grimes didn’t like his name so he decides to call him Mr. Tucket. Mr. Grimes also got Francis’s rifle back so he teaches Francis how to shoot it accuretly and reload it faster. Mr. Grimes also teaches Francis how to survive in the wilderness. Will Francis ever find his family? Will he survive with Mr. Grimes? You will have to read Mr. Tucket to find out.

I think Mr. Tucket is a spectacular book.  One of my favorite things in Mr. Tucket is Mr. Grimes’ character: I love his personality and his accuracy with a gun.  I also enjoyed how the story just goes along fixing problems as they arise.  It  has only  one major question, ”will Francis ever see his family again” , the rest are survival problems. I found Francis easy to relate to since he is close to my age.  I enjoyed thinking of what thoughts he could have had that were not said, or what I would have thought if I were him.  I think Mr. Tucket should be on your “to read” list.

Mr. Tucket is a must read.  I recommend this book to ages 9-12. I say this because it is easy to read, however the ending is a little gruesome. people who enjoy historical fiction and realistic adventure would enjoy this book immensely.  Mr Tucket is a wonderful story about survival and the coming of age that you should read.