robin hood

REVIEW OF: The Adventures of Robin Hood

Reviewed By: Erica


“After him men! It is Robin Hood! This time he cannot escape!” You’ve heard of many famous criminals and outlaws, Jesse James, Al Capone, and Machine Gun Kelly, but it’s time we add Robin Hood to that list. This villain who steals from the rich and gives to the poor is also known as Robert of Locksley, the Earl of Huntington, and Robert Fiztooth.  In The Adventures of Robin Hood, by Roger Lancelyn Green, Robin is indeed an outlaw in Sherwood Forest. Adventure is what he lives for, and if he is idle for a second, he’ll go and find some action. From dueling other knights and pheasants and by saving poor souls in danger, he gains his closest followers. Being wanted by the missing king’s evil brother, Prince John, might seem dangerous and life threatening to you, but to Robin, it’s all  in a day’s work. With Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham constantly trying to capture him, his days seem to get more and more action-packed, but alas, more and more dangerous. However, bold Robin Hood marches on and on, but the great outlaw’s pride may eventually cost him his life. Robert Fitzooth has a heart of gold, and sometimes a sacrifice for love is everything. So, won’t you join Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men? Join him in this tale of adventure and thrilling action.

From front cover to back, The Adventures of Robin Hood was enterprising and daring.    I will say that the old English writing does take some getting used to, but besides that, I adored everything about this novel. Robin Hood constantly looks for trouble, which made the tale seem much more chivalrous. Throughout the whole novel, the bold outlaw faces near-death experiences, which kept me in suspense. The author does a beautiful job of expressing Robin’s personality, so I felt as if I knew the greatest criminal in England.  The vocabulary in this novel was rich and challenging. I’ve read a lot of different books over the years, but I’d never really read a story that took place in the 1100s. To be honest, this was a step out of my comfort zone. I’m used to books from more of a recent time period, but I was very pleased with this novel. As challenging as The Adventures of Robin Hood was, it was definitely my favorite book I’ve read this year.

This deep and enriching tale would be a good fit for readers at least in fifth grade, due to the high lexile. The old English writing might be difficult to for younger kids to read. Also, action and adventure lovers would find this novel to be one of their favorites, as I did.