Review of The Adventures of Robin Hood

Reviewed by: Jackson

Robin Hood hits the bullsye again!  In the book The Adventures of Robin Hood by Roger Lancelyn Green, King Richard joins hisrobin hood army at war and is captured by the enemy.  This means that his evil brother prince John will have to take the throne.  John is a very power- hungry man along with all of his followers.  John and the Sheriff of Nottingham are out to get Robin Hood and hang him because he is an outlaw; Robin became an outlaw when  he shot the king’s deer and helped protect someone who  tried to kill the temporary “king,” Prince John.  Robin Hood stays in hiding in Sherwood Forest with his band of outlaws, including Will Scarlet, Little John whose his name doesn’t fit him, and Much the Miller’s son.  With his band of outlaws, Robin goes on more than twenty dangerous adventures to recruit outlaws.  Robin has some close calls with death and sometimes he is the one who kills.  One time he killed fifteen verderers with fifteen arrows from almost a mile away.  King John and the Sheriff of Nottingham discover where Robin Hood is hiding, so they capture him and put him in a prison cell.  Will Robin Hood escape or will he be tortured and hanged?

I thought the novel was stupendous.  The story was action-packed and kept me interested.  Robin Hood embarks on so many adventures and when he’s not, he is hosting or attending parties.  Also, the author states what is happening not just in Robin’s life, but in everybody elses.  For example, in one chapter Robin is out recruiting fellow outlaws while Little John is beating up lying “beggars” who have been stealing from other.  He got over 300 pounds of gold and used it to beat Robin Hood in their competition.  Overall it was a superb book, teaching a lesson of standing up for others who can’t.

I would highly recommend this  story of to people who love action and adventures.  This would be a word choice book for ages 10 and up because of a harder lexile, old English writing, and of all the killing.  You won’t ever regret reading The Adventures of Robin Hood.