Strong, brutal, and depressing are great words to describe Buck from the novel The Call of the Wild by Jack London. Buck is a strong healthy dog that lives in a  home with enough food to fill up a growing dog, but this soon changes after he is kidnapped by dog catchers who make a living by capturing dogs and then sending them north. Buck is first sent to a man in a red sweater. When he first tries to escape because he knows he has been kidnapped, the man hits Buck in the side with a club.  Buck does not surrender until the wind is knocked out of Buck. That was the last he ever saw the man in the red sweater because he was shipped to a beach. Next thing he realizes is that he is on a beach, not an ordinary beach, one with sewers and pollution. He soon meets his new owner Curly, he learns the law of club fang which is that  you have to stand up for yourself by fighting to the death. Buck now realizes that he wants to be FREE 

This novel was certainly well written and meant to pull on your heart.  Buck was very realistic so it made it very gruesome and emotional, and it felt very interesting because there was nothing special about Buck besides his unique amount of courage.  My favorite part is when Buck pulled a thousand pounds of flour by himself. This was my favorite section because this was unbelievable to me.  Another part I liked was he remained while others came and went.  Remember to read this astonishing novel.

I recommend The Call of the Wild because it quickly grabs our attention and when you begin you can’t put it down. Readers who like courage in the face of cruelty and  well written books would enjoy this novel very much.  I recommend this to twelve and up because there are some bad words. Buck’s story will have  a big impact on you I know it sure did for me.