From shark infested waters in the Pacific Ocean to a small town reduced to ashes in Germany, Louie and Liesel are surviving during the bloody WWII. Louie Zamperini from Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand, and Liesel Meminger from The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak, are having similar struggles during this time of death, while also having different approaches in life.  Louie and Liesel have the same adventurous spirit, but not just to go somewhere; they steal. Liesel would steal food to feed her gnawing stomach and books to feed her creative mind. She had to steal food because during WWII, her family was very poor. Louie, as a boy and teenager, would steal anything he could get his Italian hands on, and Louie’s family was also very poor. The two thieves also had toughness in their bones. Liesel was being made fun of during school because she couldn’t read; after she asked the bully to stop and he didn’t, she beat him up!  She punched every inch of him that she could.  Louie also beat kids up because he wanted to look tough.  Since he was from Italy, many people in the U.S. were prejudiced against his family, and the only way to avoid being  bullied, to his understanding, was to be one himself.  Once he was even afraid that he killed a boy because the boy was unconscious and painted in blood. These two characters also lived during WWI and were both greatly affected by it . Liesel lost the people she called family and Louie ended up fighting in the war which changed his life.

Although Louie Zamperini and Liesel Meminger are alike in many ways,  they are also very different. Louie ended up having to fight  in WWII, and he had to experience the fear of war and what might happen to him. On the other hand, Liesel is affected because her mother  had to give her to a foster family, and even they were killed. She also lived in Germany, so she was starving because of the conflicts in the country. Another difference is that Louie had a great family support system but ignored it, while Liesel had to make a family and wanted support. Liesel had to go live with a family she didn’t know and had to build up support. Louie had support from his big brother, Pete, and his parents. They loved him, but he pushed them away. Even though the two characters have differences and similarities, those things make them who they are.