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The Detective’s AssistantHistorical fiction doesn’t get enough love. Sure, it’s not as flashy as science fiction—literally in some cases—and of course, there aren’t any vampire love triangles or undead zombie attacks, but historical fiction has something better. It has truth. The “you can’t even make this stuff up, it’s so crazy” stories draw us into our own forgotten slice of history. The very best historical fiction transports you into a new world, just like science fiction and fantasy. Except the world spun in a historical fiction novel is more real than your grandpa’s teeth.

In Kate Hannigan’s historical fiction novel, The Detective’s Assistant, we fall into the action-packed world of Nell Warne and her vivacious Aunt Kitty in mid-19th century Chicago. (But don’t call Aunt Kitty that to her face. She prefers Kate.) Nell and Kate don’t exactly see eye-to-eye. Nell, recently orphaned, and Aunt Kitty, widowed years ago at…

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