REVIEW OF: The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells


“Death was leaping from man to man in the distant crowd.” At first, whenever you see the word death, you think of it figuratively, however, in The War of the Worlds, by H.G. Wells, death is literally leaping from person to person while the Martians are attacking Earth. You see, it all started on a normal day, in a normal town, when a man saw something drop out of the sky. At first, the man was oblivious to the meaning of seeing something unknown fall from the heavens down to our measly, little earth, however, no one could have even guessed what the true meaning was, after all nothing like this has ever happened before. Anyway, when the man came upon this “thing” he found a strangely shaped cylinder. Whatever was inside was unknown to the man, so being human, he asked for help. What the people later found out to be in the cylinder could have brought mankind to its’ very end; they found monstrous creatures at which they thought to be Martians. More and more came, and the Martians, being huge and fearless, attacked town by town looking as if defeat was impossible, for every man on the planet was struggling to survive. Victory seemed out of reach for mankind and they were preparing for the worst. Then one little thing went wrong, and remember that the little details count just as much as the big ones.

The War of the Worlds is not my favorite novel, but, judging it fairly, it does have a few perks. For instance, Wells does an absolutely amazing job with his figurative language. When he used phrases like: “I was standing face to face with the darkness of God.” I got goosebumps. I feel that the novel is a classic because of the brilliant language. Another factor I enjoyed about the book was the action. Although the topic of Martians invading Earth and almost destroying mankind is not my favorite topic, I still enjoyed never being bored to death. Wells is an amazing author, he just may not be for me.

I do recommend this novel, but only if you know what you are getting yourself into. To read The War of the Worlds you must be prepared to sit down and read a classic novel that may have not been as good as the last one you read. I would say that middle school and up would enjoy the novel. I feel that especially adults would understand the history of the novel and the impact it had on our history. If you appreciate genius writing, The War of the Worlds is definitely for you.