The theme of Wonder, by R.J. Palacio, is rather obvious. The majority of the book is spent explaining August’s view on whether of not it is fair to judge others based on their outward appearance. August especially has a very strong view on this sensitive subject. He is totally against it, and he should know; he is probably the most bullied kid at his school. Stereotyping people is very common in this day and age and August comes out on the wrong end of it.

R.J. Palacio does a magnificent job incorporating the theme into the story line. Once, he wrote about how an everyday little argument turns into a fight about people unfairly judging Auggie. Poor August is permanently scarred and he had no control over his birth defect, but bullies (and just average people) don’t understand that. Living a hard life is normal for August, and if only the bullies knew that, maybe they would stop and simply talk to him, instead of running away from him and screaming.

Is judging people ever fair? Personally, I believe that no, it is never fair, but isn’t that just the way the world is? The world isn’t fair. Sin has taken over the world and made it that way. Another time, August gets bullied by kids he has never seen before, and is literally hurt by it. Again and again, Auggie is made fun of and laughed at for being different. He has to go to a new school, with new friends, and new teachers and retell his “story” on why he looks different. People, or bullies, never know how big the mark they are leaving is. Some people, like August, face the world with sorrow and embarrassment from things that only God can control, and bullies find it “funny” or “cool” to make fun of him for it.