Ender of the book Ender’s Game and Joe Rantz of the book Boys in the Boat are oddly but distinctly similar.  For starters, they are both part of an important team, one protecting the earth, the other competing in the Berlin Olympics.  Another similarity between these boys is the fact  that they both came from a rough childhood; Ender was literally trying to be killed by his brother and Joe’s parents abandoned him at age ten.  The last similarity, and definitely the most distinct one, is the fact that after being scarred in their childhoods, both boys lost the ability to trust.  They both decided to become independent as not to get mentally hurt again.

Although there are many similarities between Joe and Ender, there are also many differences.  First, Ender is a genius and arguably the smartest person in the world, where Joe is more rough and tumble.  To Joe “two and two makes four” but to Ender two squared equals the same as two and two and two multiplied by two does also.  Another difference between the two boys is the way that their operation works.  Joe’s team is competing on a world stage in front of millions of people but Ender’s “team” is strictly kept a secret.  Overall the fact that these two boys are obviously different but still, in some foreign way, firmly connected is beyond my understanding!