David from Kiddnapped and King Tirian from The Last Battle are similar and different from each other. A being close to each of them is dead. For instance, Tirian’s unicorn, Jewel died and so did David’s parents. They both have to fight to stay alive in some point of there life. For example, Tirian had to fight Calormenes so they wouldn’t kill him and David had to fight pirates to have a better chance of not getting shot. However they are also very different. Tirian has to rule a country and David has to try to stay alive.For instance, Tirian has to control Narnia and now has to ask people for food.  Most of the time Tirian reacts to problems a little hotheadedly while David reacts sort of gloomily. When Tirian heard that there was someone imitating Aslan in Narnia he screamed with rage and when David could not get enough food he groaned and moaned. They are very similar, yet very different.