Whack! Whack! Whack!  So far in the book Robin Hood, Robert of Locksley becomes an outlaw named Robin Hood because he is breaking the law by shooting the king’s deer and helping someone who tried to harm the prince.  After Robin is named an outlaw, he tricks people into thinking he is a kind stranger; and then he asks them if they want to whack each other with giant sticks to prove they are worthy of being one of Robin’s people.  Sometimes he does this to test their strength, when somebody is trespassing on Robin’s territory, or to see who will cross a bridge first.  Usually Robin Hood wins, but one time he got whacked off a bridge.  The person who knocked him off a bridge was a huge man they call “Little John” who became a member of his outlaw village.

 The most awful chapter is when Robin and Little John get beat up by a ‘beggar’.  They secretly seek revenge.  They find where the beggars are resting and beat them up and ransacked their pockets and ended up with a total of three hundred pounds in gold.  The chapter was very harsh and Robin Hood and Little John were competing against each other to see who could get more money.