I have read many different novels this year. Some were full of action, and others full of mystery and suspense. I’ve seen a lot of writing styles, and out of all the books I’ve plowed through, Rascal, by Sterling North, was by far my favorite. I definitely think that the theme of this classic was learning to show love for someone or something enough to let it go. Sterling, the main character, owned a pet raccoon, whom he called Rascal. Let me just say that I fell in love with that bundle of fur. Sterling wanted the best for Rascal and wanted him to be content always. He never wanted to cage him or put him on a leash. Rascal was allowed inside the house, as well as outside. Sterling loved his raccoon so much that he took him on several trips, and even to school. He didn’t want anything to change. He just wanted it to be the same: the two of them doing everything together, and them being best friends. Towards the end of the book however, the young boy realizes that his wild pet could never be as satisfied with him than out in the wild, his natural home. So, he leaves Rascal with a choice: to stay with him, or to go into the wild.

Sterling began to see that no matter how much you love something and they love you, sometimes you’ve got to do what’s best for them, not for you. He learned that even though times are changing, his love for Rascal would never change. When Sterling gave Rascal the choice to stay with him or to leave, it took a lot of maturity, and it was probably the hardest thing he ever had to do. He had to do what was best for Rascal, not what he wanted. Another time in Rascal, the little raccoon wandered into a cave. Sterling dove into the cave and rescued him. He loved him enough to put himself in danger. In the novel, Rascal began to eat the neighbor’s sweet corn, so Sterling was forced to cage him. It was so hard for Sterling to do that, but as soon as he returned from school, he would go and sit by his cage and would talk to him. When Sterling first put him into his cage, Rascal was scared. Sterling couldn’t bear to see his best friend distressed, so he took him out immediately. Their love for each other was so great, that in the end they did what was best for each other.