Review of: And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie 

Reviewed by: Luke S.

9fd12-thentherewerenoneHave you ever been scared? If you haven’t, then get ready. And Then There Were None is a murder mystery book that contains exciting but frightening, scary scenes. In the beginning, ten people are invited to a mysterious island for a special reason, but they don’t know why. They were invited by a millionaire named U.N. Owen, but he’s nowhere to be found. They get a little anxious, but they don’t realize that everything is about to get deadly. They are all going to picked off one by one by a lunatic that is hiding somewhere on the island.  Soon they figure out that U.N. Owen is among them, and is the murderer, but which “guest” is he?  For each meal, there are ten plates in the middle of the dining table, but each time someone is murdered, one of the plates goes missing.  There is also a nursery rhyme about ten little Indians and how they all die; as their terrible journey carries on, they figure out that everyone is being killed in the same order and in the same manner as the Indians in the poem did. Will everyone be murdered? Or will they catch the murderer first?

I loved And Then There Were None, but it gave me the creeps. I was scared out of my skin when read this book. All the footsteps, whispers, and sudden disappearances scared me the most. Overall, however, this book was excellent, and I would like to read another book like it. Agatha Christie, the author, is amazing at making you feel lost in the mystery. She writes a lot of cliffhangers at the ends of chapters that make you want to read more. I couldn’t put the book down, even when I didn’t feel like reading.

This book would be a good fit for kids who are 11+. This book contains words that I shouldn’t probably repeat or younger kids should learn yet. It wouldn’t be fair for a kid to have curse words floating around in hid mind without knowing what the mean. This book is also scary, it wouldn’t be nice for a younger child to have mental images of people being murdered in their mind.  Overall And Then There Were None is outstandingly written and if you’re mature and like murder mysteries, then this book should be your favorite.