Robin Hood, also know as Robert of Locksley, the Earl of Huntingdon, and Robert Fitzooth, is an outlaw in the land of England, ruled by an evil individual, Prince John. Why is he an outlaw? He steals from the rich and helps the poor.  Matthew Flannagan, also called Moose, is a fairly ordinary boy who lives an unusual life on Alcatraz Island. His father works as a guard and an electrician for the prison. His older sister, Natalie, is disabled, and some doctors recommend she be sent to asylum. When I sat down with the task of comparing the main characters of two novels, my brain at once thought of The Adventures of Robin Hood and Al Capone Does my Homework. One may think, “What in the world does Robin Hood and Moose Flannagan have in common?” My task today is to have you convinced that these two characters have similarities, as well as differences.

I’m going to get on with the easy part first: the differences. First off, Robin Hood takes place in the 1100s, and Al Capone Does My Homework takes place in the 1940s. Based on the time periods alone, I’m already pretty sure you have a clear idea on the differences in their lifestyles. Robin Hood lives in England when there are kings, queens, and knights. There are harsh punishments for breaking the law, such as being hanged or having your fingers cut off, unlike during the 1940s, where if you break a law you will have a trial. Moose goes to school, has lots of friends on Alcatraz, and he certainly is not an outlaw hiding from Prince John. He deals daily with having to protect Natalie from all of the dangers that the world contains. The outlaw of Sherwood Forest leads his pack of followers, called Merry Men, around, seeking adventure, no matter the circumstances. Matthew faces many of the challenges that kids still face in 2015. Robin Hood deals with the problem of getting caught, or worse killed.

So if I dig deeper into these characters’ personalities, believe it or not, I actually see them as very similar people. I’ve mentioned Natalie, Moose’s sister, who today would’ve been diagnosed with autism. Moose spends all of his time trying to take care of her, showing love to her. He watches his sister and makes sure that no harm comes to his sibling. The Earl of Huntingdon never leaves any of his Merry Men behind. Once in the book, Will Scarlet, one of his followers was captured. Robin arranged a rescue mission to get Will back. He cared so much about just one of his Merry Men to risk his life. Both Robin and Moose showed love for others.  Also, they both are around quite a bit of crime. Robin, for one, commits crimes on a regular basis. Moose lives on Alcatraz with hundreds of convicts and prisoners.  Robert Fitzooth goes looking for adventure and doesn’t care that he puts himself in danger.  Moose and his friends on the island go looking for trouble also.  So Matthew Flannagan and Robert of Locksley might not have a ton in common, but I hope that now you can see more of their personalities, alike and different.