Walk Two Moons, by Sharon Creech is utterly hilarious. One of my favorite scenes in this novel is when Grams, Gramps, and Sal take a break from their exhausting journey by halting their car at a rest stop. After stopping the car, Gramps notices a woman leaning over the fender of her car.  Knowing Gramps, he is not going to just ignore the woman, he is going to “help.”  Gramps walks over to the woman to “rescue” her. Gramps begins to talk to the woman and examine the car.  He finally realizes that the “dang snakes” are the cause for the problematic car.  Creech uses words such as: patting her knees and singing, gallantly, damsel, rescue, tulips, car-bust-er-ator, smiled, and satisfied.

“Might be the car-bust-er-ator,he said, or maybe not. He tapped a few hoses. Might be these dang snakes, he said. Oh my, the woman said. Snakes? In my engine? Gramps waggled a hose. This here is what I call a snake, he said.”

Sharon Creech’s tone of voice not only helps me picture what is happening, but it gives me a humorous mood.  Her tone of voice sets the light hearted mood.