REVIEW OF: Piercing the Darkness by Frank Peretti


piercing the darknessDemons, death, and darkness are what is to be defeated by God’s warriors in Frank Peretti’s Piercing the Darkness. Sally Roe once thought of herself to be a “homeless vagabond,” until she finally found her comfort in the Lord. Sally is a thirty-eight year old woman who is and was a runner. Not the Olympic type of runner, but a runner who is constantly trying to escape something. The warriors, or angels, who look out for those of us on earth, such as Sally Roe, have one mission: to bring the lost souls to the Cross. Tom Harris, a member of the Shepard Community Church, has a problem: he is being accused of child abuse and is being sued by a woman name Lucy Brandon. Lucy Brandon has a daughter named Amber and she has a few issues. Amber has been accessing her “inner self” which just so happens to be a demon. Now, Lucy is suing Tom for trying to cast out this demon and Tom’s kids are being taken away from him. This is where the fight between the demons and angels comes in. The demons have one goal: to lead every human away from the Cross. However, the angels also have one goal: to bring everyone to the Cross. Sally Roe is on the run trying to escape people who have been chasing her for years, and while she is wayfaring she hears about Tom Harris. Sally writes to Tom to try to help him with his predicament, but Sally’s letters are intercepted by the very people who are chasing her. With a battle constantly going on between the angels and demons, as well as a fight going on between the humans, will the victims be able to reach the safety of the Cross, or will the demons succeed in their conquest and destroy their lives forever?

Piercing the Darkness is a definite Christian thriller. I personally think that it is the best Christian novel, other than the Bible, that I have ever read, and I do hope to read more of Peretti’s novels. I loved the controversy between the demons and angels as well as learning of what was happening to the humans on earth. I feel that it made the book even more exciting and interesting. I also appreciated the truthfulness of the story. It didn’t sugarcoat the trials that we may face being Christians, or just the trials in general that we will encounter living in our broken world.

I highly recommend the novel to ages twelve and up, for I feel that some content in it would be too heavy on younger readers’ minds. The concept of demons possessing humans is too much for most children to bear. Inside each jaw-dropping chapter there is anticipation and fear of what will happen next and what actions the demons will take to torment the humans; or how will the angels protect them? I would say that both boys and girls would enjoy the novel, as well as adults, because Peretti is brilliant with his figurative language and infusing a faith-based novel with an action-packed thriller. The novel has a slow start, but, believe me, once you start, you never want to stop.