The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak, has to be my favorite book that I have reviewed so far. It was loads of fun to read and dive deep into the story.  Mrs. Herr helped me discover the theme of this novel and I believe that The Book Thief proves that family doesn’t have to be related to you. Liesel Meminger is loved by not just her family, Max Vandenburg and Rudy Steiner do too. The teenage, German girl had to be given up and had to live with a family she didn’t know. She later learned that her definition of family didn’t fit in with the small town that she lived in. Rudy Steiner was loyal to her and he became family to her.  Max was a complete stranger, but he ended up in her heart. In the story Liesel would do anything and everything with Rudy. She looked out for him when he became so angry at Hitler she coaxed him out of leaving town. Liesel and Rudy called each other names and cussed at each other, but that is their strong bond. Liesel also went out into the crowded streets of Germany when she saw Max. He was going to a concentration camp, so she rushed to his side. For her, that was like losing a brother. This theme is showed many ways; one of them is when Max became very ill. He was in a coma and Liesel would read to him even though he couldn’t hear her. She also used to dream about when her brother died, but when Max was sick she dreamed of him being her brother dying. To her, Max has become her brother. There are a lot of themes in this amazing novel, but the one that I think stands out the most is family love.