wonderREVIEW OF: Wonder by R.J. Palacio

Reviewed by: Claire A

“Let’s face it,” she continued. “The universe was not kind to August Pullman.” In the novel Wonder, by R.J. Palacio, August (Auggie) Pullman, a fifth-grader with an unusual disease that makes his face slightly gruesome, is struggling to fit it at a new school. He had been home-schooled all his life and has a “limited selection” of friends. As the story continues, Auggie is faced with bullies and people who are afraid to even be near him. He makes two friends: Summer and Jack Will; they become the sole reason that August actually comes to school. Julian, a boy who has made an effort to cause Auggie to feel useless,  spreads the joke that August is part ogre. Julian starts a schoolwide war between his side and August’s side. He convinces many people to hate poor August, just like he does. August learns that people will always make fun of him, but he has to ignore them and not let their remarks get to him.  Wonder  is organized into several sections that are written from different people’s perspectives.  In this way, we learn about the story from the other characters’ point of view which is very life-like. August learns that he must overcome the fear and torture of being made fun of. 

I loved this book; R.J. Palacio created an amazing picture in my mind and made it feel as if I was right there next to August by learning other people’s opinions and making the story full of humor.  My favorite scene was the ending; it beautifully tied the story together with all the love for other people and how August changes. I wished it wouldn’t have ended, it was so amazing and R.J. Palacio made the story humorous and exciting without making it too difficult. August’s story really made me think about how prejudice people can be. All my life, I never knew how even the littlest thing you do or say can impact someone so greatly.  I loved all the lessons that were tied into the novel, such as love, perseverance, and being optimistic no matter what the circumstance is.

I recommend this book to everyone. I think this is mainly written for kids in middle school, because there are some scenes with some mature content. But other that that, it is a fairly easy read. Overall, this book is absolutely amazing and I think that everyone needs to read it and realize how prejudice and mean some people can be. I highly recommend Wonder if you are looking for a short but powerful read; I assure you, you will get that from this novel.  Books like Wonder  are very deep and touch on rather overlooked topics, but I feel that this is laid out simply enough that anyone will understand.