Review of: Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrandunbroken

Reviewed by: Caleb

Could you survive the horrors of a prisoner of war camp?  In Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand, Louie Zamperini is a master thief.  He picks fights, drinks, and smokes at a young age.  It would have gone all downhill from there if not for his brother Pete, who saves him by replacing Louie’s thieving ambitions with thoughts of wining races. He runs so well, he participates in the 1936 Olympics in Germany! But When World War II starts, Louie becomes a bombardier in the army and meets his best friend, Phil.  When their plane, Super Man crashes, Louie has to go with the Green Hornet.  Then, on a rescue mission, the Green Hornet also crashes, and Louie, Phil, and Mac are all stranded together on a raft in the Pacific, struggling to survive for 47 days, and Mac dies.  When Louie and Phil are rescued, it’s not by the Navy’s hands, they were captured by the Japanese.  Louie and Phil are captured and taken to a POW camp.  They are beaten, mistreated, and living in unsanitary conditions.  When Louie switches POW camps, Phil is taken to another one.  At the camp, Louie meets “The Bird,” a psychopathic guard who is jealous of anyone with a higher rank.  When he meets Louie, he has a new target and mistreats Louie harder than anyone else.  Will Louie survive this place of horrors, or will he die?

In my opinion, Unbroken was a very well written book. I loved the action in this book, like when the sharks came and Louie had to defend the raft by punching the sharks.  Another thing I enjoyed was the theme, trust in God.  I saw the theme when Louie makes a promise to God, and I think God let Louie survive all the danger in the story so he could share his story with others to inspire them to become Christians. Throughout the novel, I saw Louie become more kind and unselfish. Also, I liked the funny pranks Louie often plays on people, like when Louie shaved the eyebrows of one of his captors.  While reading this novel, I felt sympathy for the characters, because they are very mistreated by the guards.  I rate this book 4 and 1/2 stars.

I recommend this book to people who like inspirational stories 13 and up, because of the amazing strength Louie had the terrible events, and also because some parts were a little mature.  I also recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure.  This is definitely a good book for  13 year-old adventure lovers and those who like inspirational stories.