“The universe takes care of all it’s birds.” In Wonder, by R.J. Palacio, August, a boy who has been picked on to death, struggles so much to fit in. The hardest part was him having a birth defect; you could say he was one of God’s rare creations.

Auggie grows up very quickly. I feel like his attitude is all over the place. At first, he has totally made up his mind that he does NOT want to go to school with the other kids. He is afraid that he will be made fun of and treated unfairly. After a short time, his mind completely changes when he visits the school and talks with some of the kids. When he meets a boy named Jack Will, he convinces himself that he can be brave and try out school. On his first day of school, August is excited and worried at the same time. His first school day was average. He learns that people can stare, laugh, or talk about him, but he can’t let the haters get to him. He has to be independent and make his own decisions. God has a unique plan for Auggie that involves him getting pushed down a little. He gets angry, I think I would too, and upset. For a little while, he talks back and is frustrated about his different features. This is not like him at all because he never had experienced this type of pain. August has two main friends: Summer and Jack Will. They support his through everything and always have his back when he stumbles. I would say that they are the main reason he goes to school each day. Even though it took Auggie a while to get to where he is, August can laugh, love, and learn like any other kid can.