Review of: Wonder by R.J. Palacio

Reviewed by: Graham

wonderHappiness, sadness, and laughter are all emotions in the wonderful book, Wonder by R.J. Palacio. August Pullman has a facial disorder that one in four million people when they are born. All his life he was homeschooled, until middle school; he decided to attend Beecher Prep Middle School. Before school started, August, also known as Auggie, took a tour of the school; he thought it was a good fit for him. He also met some kids from school: Jack, Julian, and Charlotte. According to Auggie, they were all pretty nice, except for Julian. The first day of school for Auggie was not the best day of his life; people were whispering and staring at Auggie. At lunch, he sat at a table by himself. A girl, Summer, sat down with him. Throughout the year, they became great friends, but other kids still thought Auggie was different. Jack and Summer were Auggie’s only friends. Auggie just wanted to go to a school and be treated like a normal kid, but people still get freaked out when they see him. He must learn that you just have to be yourself. Will others ever be nice to him and be his friends?

This book was wonderful. I think this because it was written so well. I loved Auggie’s character. He was so brave to go to school after all the other kids made fun of him. He has a great attitude; he never did anything mean to the other kids, while they were horrible to him. I also liked Summer’s character. She stood up for Auggie. She thought he was just a normal boy and treated him that way, while otherthought he was different.  Another reason I thought this book was tremendous because I loved how R.J. Palacio changed perspectives in different chapters. Every once in a while, the narrator would change and the story would be told from a different character’s point of view. I liked this because it was easier to understand what the characters thought about things. 

I recommend this book to both boys and girls ages 9 to 13, because it contains a good lesson. It teaches you to be yourself, and to be thankful for who you are. Also, it is a great story; even though Auggie is teased and made fun of, he doesn’t have self-pity.