Review of: Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Reviewed by:Jake


“We have found Lord Bern!”    In Voyage of the Dawn Treader  by C.S. Lewis, Prince Caspian searches for the Seven Lords who fled from Narnia because of Miraz was trying to kill in the time of his reign. In this novel Edmund, Lucy, and their cousin Eustace travel back to Narnia through a picture on the wall and go aboard the Dawn Treader with Caspian. They venture an the seas to various islands to find the Seven Lords, but the obstacles on the islands are hindering them. These obstacles include of the gold-water and the invisible people. In the story, Caspian, Lucy, Eustace, and Edmund  have to overcome their own fears to defeat obstacles and find the Seven Lords.

I enjoyed this novel because of all the action on all the islands.  My favorite island was  Goldwater Island, or as Reepicheep calls it, “Deathwater Island” due to its water that turns everything to gold; it was frightening that Edmund almost died because he almost went into the water. In the novel Eustace becomes kind and humble which I enjoyed, but it was a little bit sad because he wasn’t as humorous after he changed. This book is my second favorite novel in the “Narnia” series.

I recommend this book to children 9 and older who love a hilarious and action-filled book. One reason I think it shouldn’t be read by anyone below the age of 9 is because it contains rude humor. Another reason is that it includes a good amount of action and some islands might disturb littler kids, like the Dark Island and the Island of Voices. The reason I do recommend this novel is because it is funny, symbolizes the way Jesus forgives and saves us, and because it has action (but you would already know that if you’ve seen my earlier reviews because I usually don’t recommend a book if it doesn’t have action).  This book is amazing!