Review of: Unbroken

Reviewed by: Luke S.

Have you had a life crisis?  No, you haven’t!  Not compared to Louie Zamperini!  Rebel, Olympian, WWII bombardier,  castaway,  prisoner of war,  veteran,  alcoholic, and Christian are all words  to describe Louie Zamperini.  He started out as a misfit who stole, drank and smoked.  Then he was pushed by his brother Pete to do something important.  Louie became a runner; in fact he was so fast he made the Olympic team.  Then WWII started and he became a B-17 bombardier.  Louie’s plane crashed, after a failure of communication between the pilots, in the Pacific.  Louie and two other men survived the crash, and jumped on two rafts to save them selves.  After being trapped out in the Pacific with man eating sharks they were found by the Japanese and was taken as a prisoners of war.  He was beaten numerous times by an officer that he calls “The Bird.”  As Louie was in the prison Louie’s heart and soul was taken from him.   He grew hatred for the Bird because the Bird beat him every chance he got.  The Bird haunts Louie even after the war, when he isn’t on the same continent as the Bird, he causes just as much pain.  The Bird and the war ruined his life.  He became an alcoholic to forget the terrors of the war and the Bird.  Eventually his wife left him because he would have nightmares and completely lose control on her.  Louie’s wife convinced him to go see Billy Graham preach in California, and it changed his life forever.

Amazing.  This is the perfect word for the book Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand.  The book I just read is the best book I’ve read in the past, present, and future, hands down.  My favorite character is Louie because he is so funny.  Not only that, but he is also daring, unselfish, and a born leader.  Louie Zamperini is a perfect role model for anyone.  But he is a better role model for non- followers of Christ.  He started out miserable, but became a Christian in a way that anyone could.  Outstanding is also a great description for Unbroken because every single part of it is outstanding.

I recommend this book to 12 years and up.  This book contains some gruesome scenes in it which is not good for younger kids. This book also has bad language because it’s a biography and the author needs to put exactly what Louie said, which is also bad for younger kids. People need to read this book because you get to find out how much people can actually change.  lkThis is a great book and if anybody wants to read it, I say go for it.