Review of:Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

Reviewed by:Will

unbrokenTalk about an amazing book. Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand, is a biography about a man named Louie Zamperini.  Louie starts out as a boy seeking attention; the draw back, however, is that he gets it in the form of punishment.  Louie starts drinking and smoking at a very young age, becoming progressively more reckless.  As the rope of rebellion tightens it’s clasp on Louie, his family desperately begs him to stop his criminal actions.  Most persistent of all is Louie’s brother Pete; this boy just won’t give up.  Finally, after several years, Pete has helped transform Louie who is now running track races like a demon, breaking several records.  When the Olympics were canceled, Louie enlisted in the army, immediately making the best of the situation and forming a tight network of crew mates in the plane for which he was the bombardier.  Although things are starting to look up, fate is not pleased with Louie’s sudden intake of happiness.  Louis is soon in the middle of the ocean, one of only three survivors from a terrible bomber crash.  Will Louie keep his head in this critical battle for survival?  This is put to the test when Louie is captured by the Japanese and meets the terrifying, heart wrenching, dignity stealing, Mutsuhiro Wantanabe. This man is dead set on breaking Louie’s will, shattering his mental acuity, and overall, running Louie into the ground.

Unbroken was an outstanding book full of descriptive language and packed with adventure.  One of my favorite parts of this book was witnessing the transformation that takes place in Louie.  He starts off a criminal in the streets, and the enemy of neighborhood moms, but in just a few years, with the support of his family, he is a running fiend, with a new purpose and a new hope.  Another thing that I love about the book is the author’s style of writing.  She does a terrific job at being very descriptive and also keeping you at the edge of your seat with suspenseful and action packed scenes.  Overall, I believe that reading Unbroken is a no-brainier!

I would also recommend this book to ages twelve and up.  It is set in a gruesome time period:  the horrible WWII.  Also, it has some inappropriate language that may disturb young readers, but is appropriate for the terrible brutality that occurred during the war.  Although this book is somewhat sad, it is a fantastic story and contains even better writing to push it along!