Review of:  The Silver Chair, by C.S. Lewis

Reviewed by:  Jakethe silver chair

“Talk to an old friend, what’s the next task?”  In The Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis, Eustace and Jill are given tasks by Aslan to save the lost Prince Rilian who was taken and enchanted by an evil Witch.  Along the way, they find a Marsh-wiggle (frog-man) named Puddlegum who joins them on their quest because his friends say that he needs to be less positive, and he thought the journey would help him do that.  Sadly, The Lady of the Green Kirtle who resembles Satan, is hindering them in their journey because if they save Rilian she cannot control Narnia in the future.  They have to escape the clutches of man-eating  (and sometimes Marsh-wiggle eating) giants and evil enchantments from the Lady of the Green Kirlte, also known as the evil Witch.  Will the three save Prince Rilian or will they die trying to get past the obstacles the Witch has set up for them?

This book was amazing!  It was stupendous because of how well it was written and well it related to the Bible. It was well written because it was descriptive. It related to  the Bible because Rilian was brought out of his enchantment like Jesus brings us out of sin.  This book had the most action of all the novels in the series because they encounter all the evils of Underland.  In the novel, Jill grows from being a “doubting Thomas” to be to being a person of belief, all thanks to Aslan.   This book was the best novel of the “Narnia” series so far.

I would recommend The Silver Chair very highly. To all those who love action, fantasy, and over-all spectacular novels. Sadly, not everyone should read this book. All those under the age of nine might be disturbed by this book because of the certain things they have to battle. I hope people all over the word will read this book.