REVIEW OF: And Then There Was None by Agatha Christie


Ten people9fd12-thentherewerenone, ten deaths, and ten mysteries. Ten complete strangers were each called to the eerie and mysterious Soldier Island. Slowly and steadily, people are dying. But who is doing it? An unknown U. N. Owen is the only connection the strangers have to each other, but no one has ever met him. Anyone present on the island could be U. N. Owen, but where is he? After a while the abashed adults came to a conclusion: U. N. Owen was one of them. What kind of devious person could do this? Why would someone do this? And to top it off, every single murder follows the next line of a poem. Who knew a seemingly harmless children’s poem could lead a normal person to being a murdering maniac? When tragedy strikes, people go crazy, and when more than one occurs, dreadful things will definitely happen.  Things that one’s mind can’t even wrap around. Mystery and suspicion turn everyone against each other and the murders definitely don’t help.

I personally enjoyed And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie.  The novel did freak me out a lot, so that definitely classified it as a thriller.  At every turn of the page, you are left wondering:  who’s going to die next?  I loved the description and figurative language in the book.  It really made the story come alive.  When the author used words such as “creeping in the dark” my skin crawled and I could anticipate another murder.  While reading, I was almost afraid to look over my shoulder because of the suspense of the story.  At night, I would close my eyes and see corpses described in the book; not the bloody gory kind, but still abnormal enough to scare me.  And Then There Were None definitely impacted me in both good and bad ways.

I highly recommend this book to others.  I feel that most adults and teenagers would love it.  However, I do not think that this novel would be appropriate to kids under 12 years old, for the violence is too much for younger kids.  I hope that anyone who reads any of Agatha Christie’s books is impacted by it in a good, yet peculiar way!