Compare and Contrast, by Jackson

The character Digory from The Magicians Nephew and I are very much alike.  Digory and I are both very curious.  When Digory struck the bell, he did it out of curiosity.  Whenever there is a stuffed animal at the store that says “try me,” I try it.  While we are similar in that way, we are different in how we live.  He lives with his aunt and uncle, who he doesn’t even like, in London; his mom has cancer, and his dad is in India.  On the other hand, my dad lives in my house, my mom isn’t sick, and I don’t live with my aunt and uncle.  I also don’t have an uncle who is a magician trying to send people to other worlds; although my uncle can do some magic tricks, he can’t send people to other worlds.  Likewise, we both react to problems by trying to fix it.  For example, Digory’s mother is going to die, so Digory brings her a manzana that will make her live forever. My mom sometimes has problems in her schedule and I usually figure out a plan so every body has a place to go.  Even though we have many similarities, we are very different.