dawnReview of:  Voyage of the Dawn Treader, by C.S. Lewis

Reviewed by:  Jalen

Edmund and Lucy are stuck at their rotten cousin’s house, but things start to change when magic comes into play.  In The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Edmund and Lucy have to stay with their rude cousin Eustace, but one day as they wish they could go back to Narnia, a picture on the wall starts to come to life.  The next thing they knowa stranger rescues them and puts them on a strange ship called the Dawn Treader, but they realize that the stranger is Prince Caspian, a friend that they met on their last journey.  They also meet Reepicheep, a brave mouse knight.  Prince Caspian is trying to find the  Seven Lords that were forced to leave Narnia because Miraz tried to kill them. He must get past many small obstacles or problems to complete his main quest to rescue the seven Lords and use their swords to demolish all of the evil in Narnia.  One giant problem they have is when Eustace can’t stand being on the ship, so he runs away on one of the islands and finds a gold arm ring. The ring turns Eustace into a dragon.  But later, Aslan appears to Eustace and tells him to bathe and all of his scales fall off; after the scales are gone, he changes inside because he realizes how annoying he was . Another island is the Island of Darkness. On that island, they find one of the seven Lords, but he tells the whole crew that this is the island where nightmares come true. While there, they come across an iron plated sea serpent who tries to squeeze the boat until it explodes, but the ship is able to gain enough speed to break the snake’s grasp. On the last island, they find three of the Lords asleep, but they are under a deep sleeping spell because they touched the White Witch’s weapon. So one of the crew members must go to the end of the world and never return. 

I admired C.S. Lewis’ writing in the novel The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, I am amazed how he mixed action and marvelous detail on the same page.  This happens a lot, especially when he talks about the condition of the island, ship and crew.  A example of this is when an iron plated serpent attacks right after talking about the condition the boat is in. I am amazed at these parts because normally in novels if one page is not interesting, then the whole chapter is boring, but that is not a problem in this novel.  I like how Aslan’s country refers to heaven.  At one time, Aslan tells Lucy, Eustace, Edmund and Reepicheep that there is only one way to his country and while he says this, he is in the form of a lamb.  I also like how Aslan magically appears. He does this to show everyone the right way.

This is one of the best books I have ever read, so I definitely recommend it.  There is a great amount of action along with many peaceful parts put together perfectly.  I recommend this book to people who like action and who believe in God’s word.  The age I recommend this novel to is 10-13 because of the violence, length, and the language. I hope you will read this magnificent novel.