Sterling North from the novel Rascal is a young, adventurous, boy who lives in a chaotic home filled with many animals, or pets as he would put it.  In his home, there are no rules at all. He has suffered the loss of his mother and his two sisters are grown up, so he lives with his father who is away a lot. Whereas, I live in a nice, orderly home with two cats and one dog and with my mother, father, and sister. In my house there are a lot of rules and chores that we must do, which is the exact opposite of Sterling’s home. Neither of my parents are away much, compared to Sterling, where his father is gone on business often.

Given his circumstances, Sterling is alone for most of his time with his companion, a raccoon named Rascal. He is missing most of his family members, so no wonder he is always alone with that raccoon! He has no supervision whatsoever and spends so much time with his pets alone that a psychologist might say he substituted his pets for a family. I however spend lots of time with my family and I have lots of supervision also. I don’t spend nearly as much time alone as Sterling does and my parents don’t leave me to do most things alone, as his father does. He doesn’t mind a messy, disorderly house, and it would drive me crazy to live in his house. I’m kind of a neat freak, so that would not work for me!

Despite our differences, Sterling North and I have many similarities. Sterling has this soft spot in his heart for all animals, no matter the species. This is the same exact way that I feel. We both have this love for animals in our hearts that always takes over, no matter the circumstance. Also, we both enjoy spending most of our time outdoors. Something about the feeling of being outside is wonderful, and we both understand this. When the neighbors got upset that Rascal was eating their sweetcorn and wanted Sterling to put him in a cage, he wanted to run into the woods and live there with his raccoon. I can see this as something I might have done in that situation. Sometimes I try to run from my problems instead of facing them and it does me no good. It’s more important to look at the similarities in two people than the differences.