14 STUDENTS          15 WEEKS        200 POSTS


We did it!  Our group published our 200th post today.  This may not sound like much, but consider these facts:

  • The majority of our posts are book reviews written by 5th and 6th grade students upon completion of a novel (yes, I’ve written a few too…can’t help myself).  Not just any novel – novels approved by their teacher!
  • We have read 53 books so far this year!
  • All reviews go through a pretty lengthy editing process before being published.
  • All reading is done independently and reviews are written by the students on their own time.
  • For each novel that students read, they must “journal” all the way through it, taking note of characterization, figurative language, plot points, foreshadowing, and personal thoughts and connections.   This often adds up to hundreds of sticky notes peeking out from among the pages of the novel!

So yes, I am deeply satisfied and proud of these 200 posts, but I am especially proud of these 14 students.   They impress me every day, and I’m ready for the next 200!