the last battle

Review of: The Last Battle, by CS Lewis

Reviewed by: Jake

Slavery or death. In The Last Battle by CS Lewis, Narnia is gone, Cair Paravel is taken, and almost all Narnians are dead or enslaved all because of an Ape who resembles Satan and some lion skin. When a clever and fiendish Ape, Shift, finds some lion skin in Cordial Pool, he tricks a donkey named Puzzle into impersonating Aslan. This is exactly what King Tirian doesn’t want because Narnia would fall into a spiritual abyss of darkness. Tirian and his unicorn, Jewel, are now trying to set things right with the help of Eustace Scrubb and Jill Pole by battling the Calormenes with Tirian, and bringing the truth to all of Narnia.  Shift hires the Calormenes to help him take over the land.  Sadly, the Calormenes are growing stronger and are leading the Narnians into more lies. Tirian  finds out that he must go to war and kill the Calormene leader Rishda Tarkaan and Shift in order to to save Narnia. Will Tirian kill Rishda, or will Rishda kill Tirian first?

This is the best book I have ever read!!! The Last Battle had the perfect amount of action. Tirian’s war lasted for 3 chapters straight! Tirian grows to be more humble throughout this story, which is great because he was very prideful of himself at the beginning of the novel. Another thing I enjoyed was how well this story resembled the book of Revelation. It reminded me of Revelation because someone disguises himself as Aslan, which is similar to how the antichrist will imitate Jesus.

I would recommend this book because of how well it was written. I think this magnificent book should be read by everyone older than eleven years of age. I recommend this novel to all who revel in action-filled novels. This is the best novel that CS Lewis has ever written.