Review of: Gregor and the Code of Claw by Suzanne Collins

Reviewed by: Graham S.

Gregor5No! No! No! The rats are coming to Regalia!  In the book Gregor and the Code of Claw, by Suzanne Collins, the humans and the rats of the Underland are at war.  Gregor starts out reading the last prophecy.  It says that he is going to die.  The Bane is leading the rats, but they are nothing without him.  So they, the humans, are going straight for the Bane.  Luxa is sick in the Firelands and Gregor has to rescue her.  The humans are trying to crack the ‘Code of the Claw.’  It has a secret message that explains something really important that involves the war.  That’s where Lizzie comes in; Lizzie is Gregor’s little sister who is a genius.  This helps because she can help to crack the code.   Gregor goes into war and all the rats notice who he is, and they all want to go for him.  So, Gregor goes for the Bane, and he cuts off his tail.  The Bane’s tail is like an old blanket he had when he was little, so when he realized his tail was cut off, he went crazy.  He started to scream, yell and attack the humans.  Then he jumped over the wall to city and attacked the humans.  After a while, the rats retreated.  Then, Gregor and Ares had to go back and kill the Bane, so the Underland can be safe, even if it means that he might die.  Gregor led the Bane into a cave by himself, and they started to fight, and then…

My overall opinion of this novel was great.  I loved this book, because it had so much action and the author made it fun; for instance, when they cracked the ‘Code of the Claw’, they were jumping up and down, and it made me want to do the same thing.  This book was awesome, and I dare you to read it.

I totally recommend this book to boys and girls 9-14, because it is very interesting.  It is interesting, because it makes you sit on the edge of your chair.  The only thing bad about this book is that it has some killing in it, so it might disturb or make children upset.  I think that this book is the best of the Underland Chronicles.