Review of:  Johnny Tremainjohnny tremain 2

Reviewed by:  Jalen

Everything changes. Johnny Tremain, a brave and bold teenager from the novel Johnny Tremain by Ester Forbes, is an exquisite character, that is a brilliant silversmith apprentice living in Boston in the early 1770s. His master is Mr. Lapham, an old silversmith, and Johnny lives with the Lapham family.  Mr. Hancock orders a silver basin and Johnny tries to finish it himself on the Sabbath. He burns his hand and can no longer craft silver. He is now searching for his family because he no longer has a home. While he was searching for a job he came across Rab, the boy from the printers shop.  Johnny moved in with Rab, the boy who worked at the Boston Observer and becomes the news paper deliverer.  Rab and the family that owns the Boston Observer are all Whigs, a group of people that disagreed with England.  Soon after Johnny starts working there, he also becomes a Whig and helps them spy on the British  He eventually participates in a protest by dumping tea into the harbor. Later in the novel, Rab goes to Lexington and Concord to serve as a minute man. Will Johnny ever see Rab again?   Will Johnny marry the girl he loves? These questions rushed through my head as I read, and after I was done reading the novel, most of my questions were answered.

I thought this novel was interesting because the events that happened in the book actually took place. I do like that a lot of the characters are Johnny’s age because they grow up together.  I also like how Johnny goes from feeling fantastic to living on the street because his pride got in his way. I do not like that the book is down to earth and realistic because there is not a “happily ever after” ending.  I loved how the author described the characters.

I do recommend Johnny Tremain, especially if you like being taught history in a very creative novel. I also recommend this novel because there is a lesson to never be too prideful. The age I recommend this novel is about 11 to 15 because of the length and vocabulary. I also recommend this novel for that certain age because of the violence .